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NBA 2K 18: Suggestion on How to Improve on NBA 2K17

NBA 2K 18: Suggestion on How to Improve on NBA 2K17

NBA 2K 18: Suggestion on How to Improve on NBA 2K17

The NBA 2K series is one of the most successful basketball video game franchise that improved its dominance with NBA 2K11. Since then, the growth and popularity of the game has been unquestionable. The fans hope that some entries in the series would easily make the list of best sports games in history, but lately, the series is being a bit dull. The reason behind its sudden lack of popularity is the not some other game overshadowing it, but sadly the lack of competition, though NBA Live is back, but it seems that it will take some time for it to come b ack to the track. So here we have decided to make a list that can work for its improvement to make it better that the previous series NBA 2K17.

New Engine: It is a fact that no one can deny that FIFA 17 looked really better thanks to the new Frostbite Engine and according to the requirement it seems that NBA 2K18 Game can use a similar facelift as well. Player and crowd movements just feel stale, so do the graphics and the animations. So this series can work on that.

Better Teams: a game is always good and interesting if there are classic match-ups. The 1977 Portland Trail Blazers or the 2008 Denver Nuggets. It will be interesting to create matches between the old and the new teams that create more passion towards the game at the same time it will glorify the old renowned teams as well.

Easy trading: it has not been entertained as it is impossible to get one player for three, letting alone two for five and some picks. But this system can make the game more interesting, as there will be an option for the games to choose one for the other. It will make the game more interesting and less monotonous.

Face Scanning: the face scanning of the current series is hideous, and the face creation gets jammed at some point, and the process is needed to start again. It feels like it will be better to go with the old “attaching-your-picture-to-the-template-face” method, as it will be less time-consuming and as we don’t want it to be ideal, just making it similar will be good enough.

More Than Two Jerseys for Relocated Teams: Team relocation is a nice feature, but it will be even better if the feature allows to create more than just two jerseys. It would be more fun to have at least alternative, Christmas and long-sleeve jerseys as well. As realism is the series’ ultimate goal, this kind of changes makes the experience even more realistic.

The game has a lot of potentialities and new series NBA 2K 18 can take the gaming world to a new status, but there are glitches in the game, and if those can be cleared there will be more excitement for the fans, and that will eventually make the game more popular.

LG V30 with the very powerful Snapdragon 835 SoC

LG V30 with the very powerful Snapdragon 835 SoC

LG V30 with the very powerful Snapdragon 835 SoC

Korean giant LG will look to a very good year with the LG V30 rumoured to be on the cards. We are possibly looking towards a year-end release for the new entrant in the LG V-series family With both Apple and Samsung looking to merge their collective destiny with this year as they set about launching their most high-profile phones till date, LG will look to topple their applecart as it launched its own flagship phone, the LG V30.

The preceding smartphone in the V-series was the V20, which was released last year to deafening applause. The LG V20 is also very good at what it does. With the secondary display ticking at the top, the V20 is an excellent choice. Interestingly, it is also worth remembering that LG has plans on ditching the secondary display in its latest offering. Exactly why it is doing so is unknown at the moment. We do know for a fact that the new LG V30 will be powered by the latest and the enormously powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC. Qualcomm’s latest chipset was unveiled recently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The other Korean giant Samsung is said to have exclusive rights over the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset for at least two more months for its latest offering, the Samsung Galaxy S8. While Samsung will look to avoid the disastrous fiasco that befell the Note 7 and the S7 series last year, it will lead to an undesirable and eminently avoidable confrontation with the other smartphone manufacturers: the other devices will not get adequate supplies of the new chipset. We know for a fact that many archrivals including Xiaomi have decided to resort to their indigenously developed Pinecone processors to beat the bottlenecks in the supply chain of the new SD 835 chipsets.

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 which will power the upcoming LG V30 will have two consequences for the Korean smartphone manufacturer: it may possibly lead to delays in the supply or even the launch of the new phone. It may even lead to the introduction of underclocked SD 835 processors. While the Snapdragon 835 chipset is certainly one of the best features of the new LG V30, it will also have a very beautiful 5.7-inch display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. It will be an IPS LCD display. One of the many advantages of the LCD screen is that it provides depth perception better than comparable LED displays. The blackest black displays are usually the LCD ones.

Besides these features, the new LG V30 will also be a photographer’s delight. It is expected to ship with dual rear camera setup. Expect 16 MP dual-rear cameras with LED flash to provide stunning photography for the user as well as a photography enthusiast. The new 8MP front-facing camera will also be extremely useful both for taking selfies as well as commendable video calling quality. The price of the LG V30 is not yet known but we expect that the Korean giant will continue its trend of competitive pricing.


iZombie Season 3 will Bring Something too Different than the Previous Season?

iZombie Season 3 will Bring Something too Different than the Previous Season?

iZombie Season 3 will Bring Something too Different than the Previous Season?
Declared to be premiered on 4th April, iZombie 3 is coming after a wait of one year. An interesting subject that depicts the zombie culture among the human, iZombie is both unique and extraordinary. After two successful seasons finally it has come up with the third one, where the speculation is already high, it actually promising to make is bigger and better this time.
iZombie Season 3 is finally arriving and it has embraced the intelligent zombie uprising in the new Season. The imagery shows in Season 2 finale of “Salivation Army,” which revealed an upliftment of militarized zombies looking to make Seattle the capital of the zombies all around the world and take zombiism into the mainstream. The synopsis includes some of Liv’s Season 3 transformations. Liv has discovered that there are more zombies living in Seattle than she previously believed possible.
There is a private military contractor who is employing a small zombie army. The purpose is preparing an army for the day humans will learn about the existence of them. Major finds a job in this army. Liv and Clive are seen to investigate the murder of a zombie family that may just fuel to an all out zombie/human war. According to the speculation, Ravi’s former boss at the Center for Disease Control will come to Seattle to investigate the Max Rager massacre.
Liv and Major have never been more synchronized since the last season. The couple just couldn’t catch a break, but now that they’re both zombies it actually helps them to be together, which Liv has wanted deep down for a long time. At the end of the Season 2, Fillmore Graves Enterprises CEO Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage) and asked Liv (Rose McIver) to join the army to help them making Seattle, the capital of zombies. While her ex, Major, quickly accepts the offer, it seems that Liv needs a longer time to come up with a decision. But now they are together and find a way to solve the upcoming crucial situation. As per the story seems to be in season 3 there will be a new corporation in town. Vivian now owns Max Rager and seems to be protected by the zombie soldiers of Fillmore Graves Enterprises.
Another twist that is going to be the highlight of the show is the love triangle between Ravi, Blaine, and Peyton. The show indicates the conflict, and the complications will be bigger this time where Peyton must take a stern decision of choosing one over the other.
iZombie is the first ever zom com that is interesting in its choice of subject and presentation. Though there are criticisms and the TRP is less than expected, iZombie has an undeniably strong fan base who are waiting for the upcoming iZombie 3.


iPhone 8: Device to Come Up with a Wireless Charger?

iPhone 8: Device to Come Up with a Wireless Charger?

iPhone 8: Device to Come Up with a Wireless Charger?

Apple being a leading technology company has most of the times delivered amazing as well as convenient devices. Be it their iPhones or the iPads each and every device is unique in their own ways. The American multinational technology company last year launched its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus which has taken this particular sector by storm. Everyone has a fascination for iPhones and its features and the recently released devices once again made their way to the user’s good books. Lot of people mulled over the fact that the 7s variant was not launched this time, therefore, the developers might introduce the variant later. But there are no official news regarding the release of iPhone 7s rather there are only rumors. But the developers are obviously going to introduce the iPhone 8, it might be launched this year but there are no confirmations regarding it. But that hasn’t stopped people from talking or speculating about the upcoming iPhone 8 features. Apple has always taken a step forward before launching a device as the next generations have always been better than the predecessors and this time also the iPhone 8 is going to be even more outstanding that the iPhone 7.

If looked into the speculations related to iPhone 8 then it is highlighted that the device may come up with a wireless charging feature. This particular feature has not been launched by Apple yet but as the American multinational company is known for coming up with innovative features with every launch, even this can be expected from them when the iPhone 8 releases. The wireless charging feature is going to be highly convenient for the buyers as they would not require carrying around the wires of the charger along with them. So, let’s hope Apple introduces this feature for the iPhone 8.

The inbuilt storage of any device is one of the factors which the buyers look out for before buying the particular Smartphone or tab. The 16GB variant of the earlier iPhones turned out to be quite troublesome for the users because half of the times the phone used to run out of space. But the 16GB variant was not available for iPhone 7 and now the avid Apple lovers want the developers to give a massive inbuilt storage capacity to the iPhone 8. Some of them even wish to see the upcoming iPhone 8 to come up with a 128GB variant which can be extended through the microSD slot.

There are also possibilities of the headphone jack of 3.5mm getting replaced with the Lightning Port in iPhone 8 which may turn out to be true. However, the users are also predicting that this time the iPhone 8 is going to sport a water resistant display screen which might be covered with silicon coating.

There are countless speculations regarding the iPhone 8 which are doing the rounds and Apple is definitely going to come with more innovations for the next iPhone in the series. Nevertheless, the iPhone 8 has already elevated the expectation level of the buyers.

iOS 10: Top 10 Most Amazing Features

iOS 10: Top 10 Most Amazing Features

iOS 10: Top 10 Most Amazing Features

iOS has always emerged as a superpower among the market and they are not leaving an edge for their competitors and they brings some very exciting and cool function such as update to the Siri, iMessage, photos and so on. As it has been released a short time ago and this is what all we want to get as soon as possible. One of the good news for the iOS user is that it has some very new interesting features that you all would want to know so here they are the tips and tricks for the new iOS 10.


Here we will be discussing about 10 best features of iOS 10 which is making it one of the best (if not the best) mobile operating systems of the world. As iOS 11 Release Date is still few months away, we must use its predecessor in the most optimum way possible.

9+1 Best Features of Apple iOS 10

  1. Deleting the build in apps:

Sounds cool, as it has been a complaint of many iOS users that the build in apps are eating a lot of memory and they want to get rid of, so all for you guys now you have the power in iOS10 the apps that you  don’t want just simply delete it. And now you can feel free.

  1. Flashlight intensity in your hand:

One of the interesting features now set the intensity of the flashlight just in one click. All you need to do is if you call the control center and apply the 3D touch to the flashlight icon now you can choose what kind of intensity you want just select it.

  1. Know whose calling through Siri:

If you are driving or away from your phone in this case Siri will just pronounce the name or the number of the incoming number.

  1. 4. Messages got a boost:

Now the iMessage has more emoji’s and you can send handwritten notes and contextual prediction are way too smart e.g. if your friend asks “where are you”  than option will appear showing your current location.

  1. Clear all notifications with one tap:

In the older iOS as when you have lots of notification you have just to delete single by single notifications now in the iOS10 this is in one tap.

  1. Optimize storage:

Now this you all will love, in the storage optimization feature the system will automatically deletes songs from the users music library if they has been not use from a long time.

  1. Find your parked car:

The new iOS10 is very smart as whenever you park your car it pins the location in the map so you don’t have to waste the time in finding the car.

  1. Now book uber/lyft with help of Siri:

Looks like Siri has also gone through some boosting steps, now book your ride by using Siri .

  1. Voicemail transcription:

Now iOS10 can listen to and transcribe the voicemail for your ease. You just have to activate it from where you listen the voicemail.

  1. No more swipe to open:

iOS 10 has now changed the way you open your iPhone no more swipe now it runs on the Touch id. Which you could access from the settings.

Apple Watch 3 Wishlist

Apple Watch 3 Wishlist

Apple Watch 3 Wishlist

When the Apple Watch 2 was launched,  the US-based tech giant really revolutionised the concept of the smartwatch. It also took the entire wearable market by storm. The main features of the Watch 2 were the AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, water resistant body, and an array of innovative sensor options. The upcoming new Apple Watch 3 will also be the best smartwatch to have hit the smartwatch market.We do not have a specific date on which the new Apple Watch 3 will be launched. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant has revealed some of the details of the Apple Watch 3. Said to arrive in September, the internet is already flooded with countless news and rumours on this upcoming device. Based on this and a healthy dose of tech know-how, we have prepared a wishlist for the new Apple Watch 3. Read on:

Apple Watch 3: Wishlist

Wireless Charging

First and foremost, the wireless charging mechanism has to be incorporated on the new Apple Watch 3. Wireless charging is one of the most desired features in this modern era. The current version of the Apple Watch, which is the watch 2, now features a non-removable Li-Ion battery which can be charged through three options: the Apple Magnetic Charging Cable, the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Case, or the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock when plugged into its USB power adapter.The problem is that you need to be at home when you charge this way. Wireless charging is charging on the go.

Better daylight display

Who doesn’t face the problem of the Apple Watch 3 malfunctioning under the direct rays of the sun? Direct sunlight reflects on the surface and is an occupational hazard. The sunlight-negating factor has to be factored in when the watch is still under development. Recent reports suggest that the inculcation of the micro-LEDs in the watch surface is on the cards. Should this be the case, the new Apple Watch 2 will adapt to the sunlight and will also be able to be used in direct sunlight.

A lighter Apple Watch 3

The Apple Watch 3 has to be light as a feather. The Apple Watch 3 is said to be the best thing to have happened to fitness freaks. The watch is a close friend of the fitness freaks and will be a precious gift to the current users as well as potential users. The Apple Watch 3 will aid in monitoring heartbeat besides other factors. The Apple Watch 3 is said to be equipped with a lot of other features. Other things we want? A decent calorie burner feature.

A lower Price

The watch is only as good as the price. The Apple Watch 3 will come for a sum of around $349 which means that the new watch is good for both tech enthusiasts, common people, and geeks as well. The Apple Watch 3 will also be a good competitor to the other luxury sports watches and smartwatches. Remember that the new watch is coming equipped with the new watchOS. The new OS will make it separate from the iPhone 8.


Indian waste more time in Laptops because they love buying Laptops ?

Indian waste more time in Laptops because they love buying Laptops ?

Today people are more reluctant to purchase any Laptop by looking after it’s quality. Laptops are made to perform any task more easier and smoother for the people who wants to complete their goal in a quick time. So it is essential to get the Laptops which are more comfortable as per the requirements of the people. A Best Laptop can be that which can make every people to get the flexibility with proper security and smooth functioning of the task.

Laptop is the one device by which people are reluctant to purchase it with much knowledge of the Laptops to get a better Laptop. In today’s generation, people are very fond of the Laptops by which there is a behavior for purchasing the Laptops which are used to complete any target with proper achievement of it. Laptops carry an windows system by which they possibly perform every task with an appropriate manner. So people should purchase the Best Laptops under 30000 by which they can be able to achieve their goals quickly.

Laptops can develop an art of attraction around the people to carry any task by providing proper comfort to the people. Laptops are more often to get damaged quickly when they are not used properly or frequently. So it is essential to use the daily or almost daily with proper maintainence of it. Laptop has the capability of performing any task with accurate and smoothly manner to fulfill the goal of the people. Laptops are generally made up of metals by which they are strong enough to eradicate any rust on it.

People are more reluctant to save any task with proper storing of these files and information in the storage space required to keep anything in the Laptops. They are also use to play Games, Music, Videos and sending and receiving files for the people. So due to this reasons, Laptops are mostly purchase by the people to carry out their task smoothly.

Indian bridal look and Makeup Exclusively offered by GlowpUp India at home in Mumbai

Indian bridal look and Makeup Exclusively offered by GlowpUp India at home in Mumbai

Indian bridal look and Makeup Exclusively offered by GlowpUp India at home in Mumbai




India is the country which is having hundreds of culture and tradition. Most of the people are really worried about the wedding and Bridal Makeup cost and affords. There is a huge demand of Bridal makeup services at home. Indian Bridal makeup service at home was impossible few years back but once the technology and internet was introduced , People got excited to get service.


Indian wedding hairstyles will interest you if you want your bridal ceremony to be extravagant and special. Indian wedding is a bright holiday of two loving hearts that, according to the Vedas, bring their souls together. It’s believed that the couples who take marriage vows stay together for the next seven lives. The hairstyles we have included into our list will help you to create a heavenly bridal look in Indian style. Look at them thoroughly and choose the one you really like!

Gorgeous Hairstyles for Indian Wedding


Here are the pictures of splendid traditional Indian hairstyles and the latest contemporary ‘dos in Aryan style for long, medium and short hair. Get ready to be impressed!

#1: Traditional Braided Bridal Hairstyle


Indian wedding hairstyle with a braid


A thick long braid, decorated with flower garlands, pearls or chic golden accessories is considered to be a traditional hairstyle variety for the Indian style wedding. The braid is tight, neat and thick. Indian hairstyles commonly feature a middle part that is adorned with Maang Tikka (Indian ethnic accessory). This hairstyle will look great with round face, oval and triangle.


As the Marriage season is coming of this year and Wedding day is the most biggest dream day of every bride. And girls are always worried about her Wedding Dress and Hairstyle and Makeup. Here are Beautiful Indian Wedding Bridal Hairstyles.


Hairstyle is the most typical to choose according to dress and face shape. A good Hairstyle can enhance your overall look.


As every girl has different length hair therefore  Take a look at some of the Indian Wedding Bridal Hairstyle.



Former New Zealand premier enters race to lead the United Nations.

Clark 66, one of the most experienced women in global politics, was Prime Minister during 1999-2008.

shut borders and barbed wire in a bid to push back migrants fleeing war and poverty in Syria, the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

And despite the controversy surrounding the deal (which we have spoken about in our previous issue), it appears to be reducing the flow.

Turkey’s interior minister Efkan Ala said that the numbers crossing had already fallen substantially to just 300 people a day. But some decided to chance it despite the risk of being sent back, and the Turkish coastguard on April 4, 2016 blocked a boatload of about 60 mostly Afghan migrants.

The first wave of expulsions passed off smoothly under a visible police presence, as two boats left Lesbos carrying 136 migrants and one from the island of Chios carrying 66, said Yorgos Kyritsis, the Greek government’s migration spokesman. In the boats the grimfaced depor­tees sat in rows accompanied by security guards from the EU’s Frontex border agency, according to images on Turkish state media who were allowed on board the vessels.

They arrived at the Turkish Aegean resort of Dikili to a heavy security presence on the harbourside and media kept at a distance by metal barriers.

Turkish state media reported that migrants from Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan were among the first wave.

List of best books for IAS examinations


List of best books for IAS examinations

Books which are best books for IAS examination but you will go and analyse some Deep information and analysis of the best books for UPSC examinations.

First of all we will take the subject polity

In polity you have to take the book the introduction of the Constitution of India by DD Basu
Can also go for Indian Polity by Lakshmikanth
Fun most important book is the constitution of India by PM Bakshi

The most important subject next to  polity which is called Indian history

A brief history of modern India by Rajiv Ahir citizen spectrum Publication book

The other is history book of NCERT which you can download it for free from any NCERT website

Geography in economics books for UPSC examinations

Certificate physical and human geography
NCERT books from 11th and 12th standard

For economics we can also go for concept arthapedia
And macro economics NCERT books

Satirical prelims and mains syllabus understand which are the subjects and sub topics it will be helpful for you if you are preparing with the best books for IAS which are listed on various online website.

After going through NCERT thoroughly try to make sprouts out of environmental quality notes. We would like to refer used some advanced reference books like Shankar IAS notes for environment Ramesh Shamsher mis notes for economics Vajiram class notes for world history.

For current affairs don’t make any notes you should follow current affairs which are available online on various websites weekly and monthly magazines like Yojana and competition + review are available You can download it or you can buy it online